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Two Roller Coasters

Time is all we have. As we grow older, the days seem to lose their significance; years pass faster and faster, and we wonder what happened. It makes sense. If you earned a dollar every day, you would be more excited about your first or tenth dollar than your two-thousand and tenth dollar. As we age, the days seem shorter because they are shorter (when measured as a percentage of the days of our entire life).

Although it seems each passing moment is worth less and less, in truth each moment is worth more and more. A dollar is a dollar, whether it’s in a stack of a hundred or ten thousand. We enter every new, fresh day with the experience and wisdom of all our past days. We may have messed up yesterday, but today we will grow and improve.

In the realm of physicality, the roller coaster of life hits its peak around age 30 and then slowly (sometimes rapidly) descends. In the realm of spirituality, the roller coaster keeps climbing.

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