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The Purpose of Life III

What does a lizard share in common with a thunderstorm? What does a paper clip share in common with the FBI? What does the tax code share in common with plankton? What do all of the above share in common with each other?

Every creature, event, object, organization, or process share two factors: a purpose and the means to reach that purpose. A lizard’s purpose is to survive and create other lizards, and a thunderstorm’s purpose is to relieve the pressure of condensation and air in the atmosphere. They are both given the biological or meteorlogical conditions and tools to accomplish their purpose.

What is the purpose of a person? To give to others and strive for character completion. What are the means to reach that purpose? A person’s intellect, emotion, and physical capabilities.

What is your purpose? How will you give to others? How will you grow? What tools were you given to accomplish this purpose? How will you use those tools? How will you change yourself and the world? Why are you here?

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