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The Greek Olympics

We live today in Ancient Greece and Rome. Historians explain how these ancient empires influenced nearly every aspect of modern civilization from politics to culture to economy. Latin phrases are inscribed in stone and marble on old government buildings and universities; every couple of years all the nations of the world join to participate in the Olympics, a showcase and competition of physical talent.

The Olympics is all about results. Athletes train for years, exercising and dieting, to compete in an event that may only last seconds. If the athlete is stronger or faster than all the rest, he is given gold, silver, or bronze. If he is .01 seconds too slow or five pounds too weak, he is given nothing.

Life is not at all about results; life is about the process. On the death bed all the gold, silver, and bronze – all the results – are worthless to the athlete. All the athlete has is the effort he put into the race.

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