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Technology 2.0

I usually don’t immediately return phone calls, texts, or emails. Sometimes, I don’t return them at all. Why should I? My phone and computer are designed to make my life easier, not harder. I control my technology tools – they don’t control me.

Today, one can live a fine, productive life without Internet or a phone. How do I know? Because for thousands of years up until the last fifty, humans have thrived without these tools.

The Internet has produced more good than bad. True or false? From a statistical view, the answer is probably false. The majority of Internet usage is for either purchasing products, entertainment, or NSFW content. Twice as many people search Google for schmutz than the weather.

Has the Internet saved lives? Yes. Has the Internet destroyed lives? Yes. The Internet is a tool, and like any tool can be used for either positive or negative purposes. What are we using it for?

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