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Humility V

Humility requires accepting our ignorance.

We think we know everything. Go to Wikipedia – there you can learn about scorpions, Robert F. Kennedy, black holes, and everything in between and beyond. Go to the public library – there you can check out books on deep sea creatures, Ancient Athens, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We think we’ve advanced our understanding of the world – we think we have all the answers.

Humility tells us we know nothing. The amount of information and knowledge we don’t know far exceeds the amount we do know. For example, scientists think the observable universe only represents a small fraction of the actual universe, which consists of mostly “dark matter” and “dark energy.” The more we discover and figure out, the more questions we have.

Our perception of the world and others is so far from reality. We must make decisions, but we must always question our assumptions and reasoning. Maybe we're wrong. Maybe we messed up. Humility is healthy low self-esteem.

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