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What is humility? How does one cultivate and develop humility?

Humility is the recognition that the world does not revolve around oneself. Although we understand this truth intellectually, we don’t relate to it in a real, intuitive way. Our own experience is all we have, and therefore the external world is only filtered through our personal lens.

Turn to any channel or website, or open to any page in any magazine, and you will discover the same message. “You are important. Chase your dreams and fulfill your desires.” Humility proclaims the opposite – “You are insignificant. Forget your dreams and desires. Serve others and contribute to the world.”

Our society is devoid of humility, and thus devoid of humanity. Humility is the spiritual essence of an individual; without this attribute, every other positive attribute is undermined. Humility is only acquired with conscious effort, time, and proven strategies and techniques. Let’s devote some more time to working on humility.

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