Wisdom II

Updated: Jul 29

What is wisdom? Wisdom is a foresight.

Someone sees a hundred-dollar bill. He takes this money to the bakery and buys dozens of cookies. Someone wiser takes this money and invests it. After a few years, his $100 is worth $150, and now he takes this money to the bakery and buys dozens of cookies and a cake.

Someone wiser waits longer. After thirty years his $100 is worth $2,000, and now he takes this money and buys up everything in the bakery. Someone even wiser waits even longer. After one hundred years his $100 is worth over $1 million (at a 10% interest rate annually). He takes this money and buys the entire bakery.

Is money good or bad? It depends what you use it for. Money is a tool, a means to a result. Money used to satisfy one’s own physical desires is a poor investment. Money used to enhance the life of others and contribute to the moral development of humanity is a great investment.


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