Wisdom IV

In the search for insight and wisdom, we crave new and creative ideas. We want to hear earth-shaking, mind-blowing ideas that spark radical transformation. We’re bored by common sense and parental wisdom – that type of knowledge seems dull and archaic. We want new, original, and revolutionary insight.

What if I told you that you already have all the answers you want? Real wisdom is applied common sense. Real wisdom is what your parents already told you. Be a good person. Give to others. Accomplish meaningful goals.

The difficulty is not knowing the truth. The difficulty is living and breathing the truth. How does one become a good person? How does one give to others? How does one accomplish meaningful goals?

Being good is not so simple. We are naturally selfish, greedy, judgmental, and arrogant. Our evolution demands that we take from our environment to survive. Being good requires overcoming and channeling our natural tendencies to strive for spiritual ideals.


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