The Wonder of Water

Do we know really know and understand what is real? Water is real – that much I know. Let’s look at water. Do we really understand water?

We all drink water every day. We put it into our body, and it comes out of our body. What happens when its inside of us? How does it sustain us? It hydrates us. Why is hydration good? Maybe it helps some salt flow from one place to another place. Where is the salt going? Why is there all this transfer going on?

We may know water consists of hydrogen and oxygen, and that we need oxygen to breathe. Why then can we not breathe when we're under water? Doesn’t water contain the oxygen we need?

When we examine water and everything else we think is “real” we quickly realize how little we know. The mysteries of the physical world are far beyond our comprehension. As fast as we can connect to the Internet, we are still cavemen staring in confusion at the stone walls. Humility is the source of wisdom.


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