Space Exploration

Do people really think we should colonize Mars? Apparently. Some think we should spend trillions of dollars to send rockets to Mars and build a suitable environment for humans to live. Why? We need an insurance policy. If we destroy or planet, we’ll have Mars as a back-up.

Does this make sense? Imagine you give to your child a car, and he drives recklessly. While driving, he smashes the bumpers, runs over nails, and wrecks the interior. Now he asks you, “Can I have another car? I might break this one. If I have another, I’ll be safe.” What would you say to him? I think you would say no. You would sit him down and discuss how to drive responsibly.

Maybe we should focus on fixing our planet instead of destroying another one. Maybe those trillions of dollars should be spent on giving food to people instead of fuel to rockets. Why are we interested in Space anyway? Have we already explored our own planet?


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