Money is Time

We have it backwards. Time is not money. Money is time.

Time is money implies that everything in life can be reduced to a value in dollars and cents. Money is what really matters, and time only matters as much as the money it produces. If time is money, I will devote my free time to increasing my wealth.

Money is time implies that everything in life can be reduced to a value in time (creative potential). Time is what really matters, and money matters only as much as the time it produces. If money is time, I recognize that money is a tool enabling me to devote my free time to other meaningful activities like spending time with family.

We are slaves to our assumptions. Where do our assumptions come from? Usually they come from our upbringing or our environment (the media). What if we controlled our own assumptions? What if our assumptions came from a source of truth and reason? I think our lives would be healthier, happier, and full of insight and inspiration.

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