Heart and Brain

Updated: Jun 17

Why is your brain above your heart? Why isn’t your heart above your brain? You ever think about that? Can evolution explain this? Your brain needs the blood that your heart pumps. If so, shouldn’t your heart be above your brain? Then your heart wouldn’t have to work as hard to pump blood upwards against the force of gravity.

Your brain is above your heart because your brain must direct your heart, as when one thing is on top of another thing, the thing on top is superior. Your intellect must direct your emotions and physical drives, not the other way around.

Only humans walk upright with their brains above their hearts. All other animals walk on four legs with their brains beside their hearts. Only humans can direct their intellect to override their emotions and physical drives. Other animals can’t direct their intellect to override their emotions and physical drives. Do animals diet? Do they stop themselves from going to the bathroom until they find a private location? Do they consider their life-long commitment to their mate before they procreate?


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