You’re probably feeling frustrated. You want to achieve meaningful spiritual growth, but it seems so far away. How can you be the person you want to be? How can you reach your goals?

Imagine walking up an infinite staircase. As you keep climbing, how do you feel? Overwhelmed or excited? Exhausted or energized? Hopeless or optimistic?

If the purpose of life is to keep climbing the staircase, why don’t you feel happy and fulfilled? You are carrying out your purpose. Wasting life is easy; earning life is hard. Stop killing time, start harnessing time. I know you’re tired but keep going. You won’t regret it.

Who are you? What interests you? What drives you?

Self-knowledge is the foundation of success in your relationships, career, and personal goals. The more you know yourself, the happier you’ll be, and the happier you are, the more productive you’ll be.

Start by observing your daily activities. How do you spend your time? Keep a log of your behavior, divided into 5-minute or 10-minute windows. Fill in the log throughout the day. Keep track of sleeping, eating, working, and everything else.

You probably spend at least thirty minutes a day walking. How are you spending that time? What are you thinking about? Keep this log for a day. Observe yourself and observe your life beginning to transform.

Every writer knows there are two separate processes: writing and editing. To succeed, a writer must practice both activities completely independently of each other. If a writer edits while he writes, he risks paralyzing his prose with tense and strained sentences. If he writes while he edits, he risks disrupting the whole potency and order of his piece.

So too in life, there are two separate processes: working and reflecting. To succeed, one must practice both activities completely independently of each other. If one reflects while working, one won’t progress. If one works while reflecting, one won’t learn and improve.

Success in writing and life requires focus (doing one thing at a time) and timing (doing things at the right time).