Growth is simple. First, what is your goal? Second, what will you do today to get you closer to that goal?

Growth comes from a small effort exerted over a long period of time. You don’t have to crush yourself. You only have to stretch yourself. Do one extra push-up, one extra minute learning, one extra encouragement for a friend.

Growth is hard because it requires consistency; only a daily effort will produce results. There are 288 five-minute windows of time in a day. Let’s pick a time and get started on the path of growth.

I’ve kept a free-write journal for many years now. Here are two things I’ve learned.

First, almost all challenges, difficulties, and pains are quickly forgotten. Reading my entries from months earlier, I’m always struck by how intense and extreme small problems seemed at the time. Anxieties and doubts usually faded away in just a few months.

Second, some challenges, successes, and themes continued forever. The way I described and framed my inner experiences was consistent. I used the same terms and examples to express my happiness, disappointment, optimism, and doubt. I understood who I was and what was important to me.

Go and learn about yourself. Take five or ten minutes a day to journal. Come back in a few months and tell me what you found.

How valuable is 5-minutes a day? 10-minutes a day? How long will it take to accomplish your goals? Let’s break out the calculator.

How long will it take you to write the first draft of a book? How long will it take you to shoot and edit a short film? 50 hours? 100 hours? Sounds like a lot. If you invest 17 minutes a day for a year, you’ll clock 100 hours.

How long will it take you to learn how to code? How long will it take you to learn how to play the piano? 200 hours? 400 hours? If you invest 34 minutes a day for two years, you’ll clock 400 hours. In eight years, you could learn how to play the piano, guitar, saxophone, and harmonica.

You don’t have to commit hours a day to accomplish large goals in a relatively short period of time. You only need one quality: dedication. What's your goal? How much time do need to accomplish it? How much time can you commit every day? Go calculate your own dreams.