What happens when all external motivations disappear? What happens when the structure and habit of daily life disintegrate? What happens when the constant chattering of our social world is silenced? What happens when fear floods the streets? What happens when confusion circulates even among our leaders? What happens when doubt seeps into our homes? What happens is what has always happened in environments of difficulty. Most fail, and a few succeed. Most are pulled into the current of fear, confusion, and doubt, and a few resist. There are always those few that use every twist and turn in life as an opportunity to grow. Although it seems like everything has changed, in truth nothing has changed.

How did a blank index card change my life? Before my blank index card, I would stumble over many incredible thoughts throughout my day. As I interacted with others and thought to myself, a handful of gems would pop into my mind. Before my blank index card, these enlightening thoughts would vanish into darkness as quickly as they appeared. Now, I write them down and come back to them later. Now, I savor these thoughts. Thoughts are valuable; a thought can change a life. A thought can save a life. What would life look like if we held onto these life-changing, live-saving thoughts? We all enter this world with a blank index card – our mission is to fill it in.

The clock is ticking. After fifteen minutes I must lift my hands off the keyboard. I’ve accepted upon myself the challenge to write for fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, and post my pieces here on my blog. Each thought contains a universe. Throughout the day, we experience millions of feelings, insights, and inspirations. Of these millions of thoughts, how many are worth saving? How many are worth cherishing, writing down, and sharing? A thought can change a life. Writing is hard, but necessary. Since the beginning of language, all writers have strived to express their thoughts. So too, this writer strives and dreams and accepts the challenge. One day, one thought. Tick, tick, tock. My time has run out.