November 12, 2018

Breaking Free


    Stop. Breathe. Think.

    I closed my eyes.

    Relax. Recharge. Reflect.

    I observed my mind. What did I find?

    In the depths of my awareness, I entered both a paradise of peace, and a tornado of turbulence; after dwelling in the clear, still present, I submerged into the chaotic void of the unreal. I remembered - I relived my experiences until they fused and forged with my internalized narrative. I fantasized – I mapped...

May 25, 2018

Why Me?

            Why am I here?

            For many months, I set aside a few minutes every day to ask myself this question, Determined to discover the source of my soul, I entered further into my inner awareness, cutting through confusion and uncertainty with the sharp blade of concentration.     

            First, I was a writer. Then, I was a teacher, and then I was an entrepreneur. I was a creative artist, a self-sacrificing...

March 23, 2018

Saying Goodbye

          When I went to Jerusalem to learn in yeshiva, my friends and family were concerned. Some said I was running away from the real world, and that I should find a job like every other college graduate. Others said I was brainwashed, or joining a cult.     They were right. I was escaping. But, not from the real world. I was escaping from the fake world. They were also right that I was brainwashed. I was washing – cleaning – my brain, which was layered with gunk from too much T...

February 5, 2018


          As I tie my running sneakers and put in my headphones, the cold, night air stings my nostrils. A rain drizzle sprinkles the hard, unforgiving sidewalk crossing over the bright, red and white highway blur. My marathon training is intensifying. Ten miles, twelve miles, sixteen miles – as the hours pass, I climb and fall with the sloping, concrete hills of Jerusalem.

          Turning onto King George Street, I imagine crossing the finish lin...

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